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KNT group reports at the conference in Zvenigorod (Russia)

The 11th conference on a topic of ethylene and benzene production took place in Zvenigorod (Russia) in October 17-18, 2012. The conference was held with the assistance of All-Russia Scientific Research Institute of Organic Synthesis Technology (“VNIIOS-Nauka”) and SULZER CHEMTECH. The representatives of KNT Group made a report on the topic "Synthetic zeolite application for easily polymerizable flows".  KNT Group reported about their developments in the field of  dehydration and treatment of easily polymerizable flows in ethylene and benzene production, about their operational experience in the equivalent units, KNT Group’s products used in this field (Molecular Sieve 3A), production process and highlight figures of product quality. Moreover, KNT Group’s services for customer in-situ supporting, technical support for specific procedure of adsorbent loading, as well as advantages of granules in the shape of extrudates versus granules in the shape of balls (Video film about zeolites) were represented.

The conference was acknowledged to be an excellent ground for experience exchange for the technicians in the field of petrochemicals. The conference was attended by over 100 people from more than 50 various companies: Oil-gas Production Company "Azerkhimya" (Sumgayit, Azerbaijan), OAO "Angarsk polymer plant", OAO "Kazanorgsintez", OAO "LUKOIL", OAO "Naftan" (Novopolotsk), OAO "Nizhnekamskneftekhim", OOO "Novy Urengoi gas-chemical complex", OAO "Omsky Kauchuk", OAO "Gazpromneftekhimsalavat", OAO "Salavatneftehimremstroy" (Salavat), OOO "Sibur-Kstovo", ZAO "Sibur-Khimprom" (Perm), ZAO GC "Titan" (Omsk), OOO "Tomskneftekhim", OAO "Ufaorgsintez», LINDE AG, ZAO "BASF", OAO "All-Russia Project Institute for Oil and Gas Research", "Süd-Chemie CIS" AG, ZAO "Technip RUS", OOO "All-Russia Scientific Research Institute for organic synthesis (VNIIOS-Nauka) ", etc. were among the participants.

KNT group is planning to take an active part in the future conferences on a topic of ethylene and benzene production.