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KNT Group welcomes guests from SIBUR

During the period from 25 to 27 August on the production sites of Ishimbay Specialized Chemical Plant of Catalysts and Sterlitamak Catalysts Plant, which are the part of the KNT Group Company, the annual reporting meeting of the chief process engineers and chiefs of the Central Laboratory of Facility of SIBUR Company was held.

This format of communication, when one of the production sites of the company SIBUR annually gather all chief process engineers and laboratory chiefs, allows specialists of the company to share the achievements for the year, to identify the problems that they face, to adopt of those useful technologies and solutions, that are implemented on other similar plants.

By the invitation of KNT Group the representatives of “SIBUR” PJSC (Moscow), SiburTyumenGaz SC (Nizhnevartovsk city), Gubkinskiy GPP (Gaz Processing Plant) (Gubkinskiy city), Nyagan’gazpererabotka LLC (Nyagan city), Nizhnevartovsk GTP (Gas Treatment Plant) (Nizhnevartovsk city), Yuzhno Balykskiy GTP (Pyt-Yakh city), Muravlenkovskiy GPP (Muravlenko city), Vyngapurovskiy GPP (Noyabrsk city), Belozerniy GTP (Nizhnevartovsk city) and Yuzhno -Priobskiy GPP (Khanty-Mansyisk city) were accepted in 3-day meeting. In total, the delegation of SIBUR consisted of 11 people.

During the meeting, the representatives of SIBUR made presentations on the results of operational procedures of each plant for the last year, and about the actions of management, realized on each enterprise. The specialists of ISCPC made presentations on quality control at each stage of zeolite production and shared of advanced developments in the field of adsorptive processes.

Also during the meeting, the representatives of SIBUR visited the production sites of KNT Group in Ishimbay and Sterlitamak, where they acquainted with the production of molecular sieves, microsphere and bead cracking catalyst, hydrotreating and hydrocracking catalysts, adsorbents, etc. and visited the Central Laboratory of Facility and the Research and Development Center.

After excursion, the results of meeting, where the representatives of SIBUR shared their opinions and impressions of the seen, were discussed. Guests were amazed by the scope and capacity of the company, the technological infrastructure of manufacture, laboratory, Research and Development Center. According to participants of meeting, they were once again convinced of the correctness of the choice of the adsorbents supplier for their production.