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Molecular Sieve 4A

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Formula Na12[ (AIO2)12(SiO2)12 ]•X H2O

Principle applications:
-drying of natural and oil gases;
-drying of process and instrumentation air;
-drying of reforming and cracking gas;
-drying and regeneration of transformer oil;
-drying and recovery of freon-oil cooling agents for refrigerating plants (NaA-2KT is produced upon the request of a Customer);
-as the filter for drying and recovery of motor oils, diesel and gasoline type fuels;
-purification of machine-building plants

Manufactured according to Technical Specifications 2163-003-15285215-2006
It is recommended by the All-Russian Power-Engineering Scientific Research Institute of “RAO UES Russia” to use at the power enterprises for drying “crude transformer oils”.