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Molecular Sieve 4A - 2KT

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 General use:

  • - dehydration and regeneration of freon-oil medium of refrigeration units.

Manufactured according to specifications ТS 2163-011-05766557-2002


PropertyStandards acc. to TU
Shape extrudate
Bulk density, g/cm3 not less than 0.75
Average granule diameter, mm 1.6±0.2
Attrition loss (product loss value after standardized humidification), % not more than 0.09
Crushing strength (considering that ignition loss is up to 2.0%), kg per granule not less than 3.3
Water capacity in static condition at relative air humidity bellow 1.0% , mg/cm3 not less than 120
Oleinic acid adsorption capacity (acid capacity) in static condition, mg/cm3 not less than 13.0
Water extract alkalinity pH 8,5-11,5
Amount of cloven granules, % not more than 3.0
Water resistance, % not less than 98.2
Ignition loss, % not more than 10