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Microspherical cracking catalysts

Modern microspheric cracking catalysts are complex composite systems and consist of zeolite and collection of components, united by a common name “matrix”. Zeolite is the main supporter of catalytic activity of catalyst. Matrix is the environment, in which zeolite is dispersed. Matrix protects the active component from high temperature and catalytic poisons, provides preliminary splitting and diffusion hydrocarbon molecules to active cracking parts. In addition to mentioned components catalytic system includes into its composition additives, which activity is directed to increasing of gasoline octane number, the combustion of СО to СО2 afterburning etc.

There are some requirements placed to microspherical cracking catalysts during operation process. It should provide necessary selection structure of cracking products and its quality, have necessary transport properties and high retention degree in system, should be good regenerated and prevent atmospheric emission of hazardous substances (SOx, NOx, CO). These tasks are solved by means of purposeful design of zeolite component as well as catalyst matrix. However, making of catalytic system – is only a part of entire problem. As the same catalyst can’t operate similar effective on different units of catalytic cracking.

Development of catalytic system for particular unit is the most complicated analytical problem and it needs a lot of tests. During several years specialists of ISCPC Ltd. are working on development of catalyst and prediction of its operation on industrial cracking units. In the result of this development catalytic systems were created for many different units, operating in Russia as well as in neighbouring countries and beyond.